Maurits Sterkenburg

deemstere zaken de mix

sedert Halloween in aantocht is, dacht ik zo van, kom….laat ik eens iets in die sferen op de webstek plaatsen, gelukkig had ik nog de instrumentalers van een oud horror album dat ik eens heb opgenomen en die klinken nog best wel goed moet ik zeggen, dusz vandaar deze bijzondere mix

Maurits Sterkenburg

poem: what not to say to a “lunatic”

what not to say to a “lunatic”

no crazy people allowed
please do not visit the clubs
just take your pills – and
go to sleep already
I don’t want to be bothered
with all the shenaningans

just go and stay away
there are nurses where ever you live
maybe they like to talk to you
I just don’t care anymore
I only like myself – and
like minded persons

also, stop calling people ugly
cause so are you, so are you
have you ever taken a good look
in the mirror lately – well
then you see what everyone
has to go through

I’ve got one problem
and that problem is you
you dirty basterd
you’re the weirdo

© Maurits Sterkenburg

Maurits Sterkenburg

poem: between blasts of water

between blasts of water

don’t catch a cold
catch my drift

okay, well that was on me
just trying to get a good laugh
what clown do I need to beat up
before even thinking about
the guy that always gives me riddles

I just don’t want this anymore
last a man who thinks he’s a pinquin
stabbed at me with an umbrella
then a dude in a weird suit
yelled hasta la vista, baby!
and ran off after he said
I’ll be back

it’s so confusing in here
the clown always asking me
why I am so serious
and I don’t know the answer
because nobody likes me
even my clay dolls ignore my complaints

and I don’t even know why I’m here
the guards are mean so I have to beat them
and then I always end up in here
in this white pillowed room

can someone get me out of here
before I go completely out of my mind

© Maurits Sterkenburg

Maurits Sterkenburg

die recensie in die pArt

net als voorgaande recensies ben ik hier heel blij mee en op deze manier deel ik ‘m via een foto

leek me wel zo modern en hip, gelieve niet alles op deze webstek zo serieus te nemen
vooral gezien het nooit mijn bedoeling is om moedwillig te kwetsen of schaden
mocht mijn humor schadelijk zijn….mijn oprechte excuses bij deze