Maurits Sterkenburg

poem: I’m not just like him

I’m not just like him

let’s not get crazy today
the sun is shining harsh
as drops of sweat roll over my skin

maybe tomorrow
that I will save the world
just by taking a nap – or
going to the bathroom and shower
to wash everyone’s sins away
send it all to outer space
to find peace and balance in myself

but after all I said today
which is nothing – by the way
I’ll think I’ll teach them one a time
how to heal thyself and others

© Maurits Sterkenburg

Maurits Sterkenburg

poem: it’s a mature thing

it’s a mature thing

let’s get together – and
write some history
is what I would like to say
when you look in my eyes
and lay your hands upon mine

I need at least some moments of intimacy
and I don’t want to come across as a pervert
but yeah, I do have needs to
just as you do, I suppose

so now you know how I think about it
and the choice is also yours and mine
but let me be straight about one thing
we both have to have healthy boundaries
and thus inform each other about those
because there must be mutual respect
in the playground we all call life

© Maurits Sterkenburg

Maularia Fist

poem: if Thor indeed was a poet

if Thor indeed was a poet

not a broken record on repeat
I have risen, above all I’m the greatest
I’m not yet the best – but
every day I get closer to
become a god

to be the god of poetry
that’s subconsciously my dream
and also one of the worst nightmares
because I would be a popstar and thus
I have no time to write

now wouldn’t that be a shame
when people read my bible
they don’t want to know – that
I secretly had many ghostwriters

in the end it all doesn’t do right
and I can’t please everyone
but I do have the might
to let them feel my disapproval
with a tiny lightningstrike

© Maularia Fist

Maularia Fist

poem: wake up

wake up

do not listen to what they say
because they are garbage people
and when you’re offered anything
to buy or eat or drink or have
just say no but thanks anyway
and stick to your own plans and ideas

this life we all live
are all different paths
in which we learn – and
experience all sort of things

and what I’ll learn in this moment
will differ from your lessons – unless
you’re here to do the same as me
whatever that may be

© Maularia Fist

Maularia Fist

trucage, het album

Afgelopen week heb ik een nieuw album uitgebracht middels een formidabel medium genaamd youtube en aldaar zijn de liederen als video’s verpakt te vinden. Tevens heb ik ook een pagina aangemaakt betreffende deze zaken. Deze heet album trucage. Op deze pagina vind je de losse tracks. Hieronder zal ik een clip ervan plaatsen. Dus bij deze, check ’t eens en bezie of ’t wat voor jou is.

Maularia Fist

poem: they found me

they found me

ink drips from my fingernails
into a puddle on the floor
I haven’t been writing
for a long long time

the crusts forming on the walls
are filled with my wildest dreams
they sparkle and glow
in all sort of colours

I was just put in this room
others might call it a home
they like it when I decorate space
and there never was an agreement
from my side

© Maularia Fist

Maularia Fist

poem: without company

without company

the world doesn’t revolve around me
I’m not that important anymore
it’s a sign of the time we live in
while floating through the space
where darkness prevails
and the many lights are far away
I’m just trying to shine
and be as humble as I can

I wish I could have stayed on Earth
having a peaceful life, day by day
but no, they have chosen me
to explore this empty void
of nothingness

it’s always cold out here
but that’s not a surprise, they say
intellectual scientists are – actually
I refuse to call them dumb
in my honest opinion
they are idiots

© Maularia Fist

Maularia Fist

jolly darkness

jolly darkness

I’ve got no flashlight to shine
while going through the jolly darkness
I’ve got no lighter to unflame
while going through the jolly darkness
I’ve got no matchstick to burn
while going through the jolly darkness
I’ve got no torch to set fire to
while going through the jolly darkness
that’s my mind

it’s dark in this long and lonely hall
been walking for ages through it and
is it now spring or the fall
where will my journey end

can anyone give me the answer
cause I’m about to go in maniac mode
can anyone please tell me and fast
before my other nature takes over

and then I will do desastrous things
throw with anger all the thrash around
and it won’t be over till the fat lady sings
and I will not be there though
cause I’ll be licking my wounds

© Maularia Fist