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poem: I’m doing fine

I’m doing fine

once upon a time
I was friends with Cupid
until the day I found out
what kind of basterd he was

he wouldn’t pay for his drinks
said he was too godly for that
and he only shoot his arrows
at a crowd of popular people
while shouting bullshit about love

I mean, he one day went to far
guess he shot his own ego
man, what a narc

© Maularia Fist

little announcement concerning the English poems

when I have the time I write also in English, also one big thing is that I have to be in the right mood to do so and it’s not my native language so it is hard sometimes to come up with something new, nonetheless I enjoy writing so please have patience with me and my way of writing, I can tell you that coming Thursday there will be a new one online and I hope you guys like it, if not that’s also fine, anyway let’s get back to writing and I see you soon here

greetings from the Netherlands

poem: if Thor indeed was a poet

if Thor indeed was a poet

not a broken record on repeat
I have risen, above all I’m the greatest
I’m not yet the best – but
every day I get closer to
become a god

to be the god of poetry
that’s subconsciously my dream
and also one of the worst nightmares
because I would be a popstar and thus
I have no time to write

now wouldn’t that be a shame
when people read my bible
they don’t want to know – that
I secretly had many ghostwriters

in the end it all doesn’t do right
and I can’t please everyone
but I do have the might
to let them feel my disapproval
with a tiny lightningstrike

© Maularia Fist

poem: don’t you laugh at all this

don’t you laugh at all this

don’t play a game – of
hide and seek….with a ghost
they won’t give you the time
and they mostly cheat
now isn’t that a surprise
also there will be laughter
but not from you

just like there’s no need
to cuddle with zombies
unless you want to become one
then, by all glory, go ahead

there was once a foolish lover
he tried to tame a wicked wild witch
we never saw him around after that
and….do I need to say more – or
do you people now understand
that we’re really not safe
in the imaginary world
this godlike being created

© Maularia Fist

poem: like Gauguin

like Gauguin

not saying anything at all
you just don’t notice me
while I’m admiring your skin
as it is glowing and shining in the sun
I must be thinking out loud when you spoke
that the view must be pretty beautiful
from underneath your shiny sunglasses
and all I could do here was nothing else
but to agree

there’s a bar with cocktails and good food
at the mythical beach, full of only woman
I’m the last man standing around these parts
these parts of an travelling island
in the subtropical sea
I guess no one will leave

here I paint with ease and
people later will find this remarkable
but I have here everything my heart desires
so I will some day die a happy man

© Maularia Fist

poem: wake up

wake up

do not listen to what they say
because they are garbage people
and when you’re offered anything
to buy or eat or drink or have
just say no but thanks anyway
and stick to your own plans and ideas

this life we all live
are all different paths
in which we learn – and
experience all sort of things

and what I’ll learn in this moment
will differ from your lessons – unless
you’re here to do the same as me
whatever that may be

© Maularia Fist

trucage, het album

Afgelopen week heb ik een nieuw album uitgebracht middels een formidabel medium genaamd youtube en aldaar zijn de liederen als video’s verpakt te vinden. Tevens heb ik ook een pagina aangemaakt betreffende deze zaken. Deze heet album trucage. Op deze pagina vind je de losse tracks. Hieronder zal ik een clip ervan plaatsen. Dus bij deze, check ’t eens en bezie of ’t wat voor jou is.

gedicht: kolozaïk


ik speel met de fonkeling der kleuren
en het uit zich in een beest
zo werpen deze creaturen
vreemde schaduwen op muren
’t zijn projecties van m ’n geest
er zit bezieling in dit hele gebeuren

hoe zullen de karakters zijn
binnen het leger der wezens
kleurrijk en in flink aantal
zullen ze een positief geluid verspreiden
bekijk deze textielen kunst eens
geef de kolozaïk een kans
om jou ook te verblijden

© Maularia Fist