poem: between blasts of water

between blasts of water

don’t catch a cold
catch my drift

okay, well that was on me
just trying to get a good laugh
what clown do I need to beat up
before even thinking about
the guy that always gives me riddles

I just don’t want this anymore
last a man who thinks he’s a pinquin
stabbed at me with an umbrella
then a dude in a weird suit
yelled hasta la vista, baby!
and ran off after he said
I’ll be back

it’s so confusing in here
the clown always asking me
why I am so serious
and I don’t know the answer
because nobody likes me
even my clay dolls ignore my complaints

and I don’t even know why I’m here
the guards are mean so I have to beat them
and then I always end up in here
in this white pillowed room

can someone get me out of here
before I go completely out of my mind

© Maurits Sterkenburg

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