poem: don’t kill your inner child

don’t kill your inner child

I just threw some babies through the window
don’t worry – the window wasn’t closed
I like to think that they have wings
just like Cupid
while I’m standing in the elevator
going from rooftop to basement

people I meet have done the same
some of them are even more insane
while the little park at my house
is filled with small bones – and
wandering cursed dogs

you may think this is dark
but I can tell you this
the womb of space is much darker
with black holes and shattering stars
sometimes I wonder, just wonder
how big the babies of space are

© Maularia Fist

poem: suddenly I see

suddenly I see

you think you’re so fantastic
that you can’t see more
there’s no beauty in poetry
or just simply love

every writing you’ve ever written
is just the same old slap stick to me
like, who will you blame this time
for the mistakes you’ve made

why would you share all the shit you get
with the ones you call your friends
is it so hard to share happiness or joy
but, as you put it, you ain’t got shit
because you think you are the shit
now ain’t that fantastic

© Maularia Fist