poem: I’m not stuck in a fantasy

dat Engelse gedichten me steeds beter afgaan lijkt me wel duidelijk uit het volgende gedicht

I’m not stuck in a fantasy

I’m great friends with mythical creatures
not to brag, but I know an odd eyed centaur
his name is Eugene and he’s very good
with herbs and spices, after the hunt is done

in the summer I travel with the griffins
from floating island to floating island
where I once met a cyclop
she wore fluorising dungarees
because the moon is a blacklight here
an Cynthia loves all the colours
which the rainbow provides

also I know of a cave I lived in once
during a summoned hailstorm by a snowgiant
there I discovered a room, a remarkable room
where darkness and light were distorted – so
you see everything in flashes, like
a never ending strobe light
like it was haunted by Picasso’s spirit

and have I ever told you about Goblinville
where the most magical items are crafted
those being sold will go for a high price

just wait till tomorrow night – because
then there will be a party going on
with dragons, elves and dwarfs so
so that’s why I’m dressed already
as an adventurer with a lorgnet
and a knapsack, also a spyglass

© Maularia Fist

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