fucked up memories

fucked up memories

once I broke the laws of sanity
I don’t know if it was a good idea
but I felt so much more liberated
from burdens and negativity
that everyone around found out
that I have went wrong and insane

lying on my back on the floor
I asked myself if I was to go crazy
and guess what, the answer was yes
and that opened a whole different door
that dissolved into my mind – and
all I know now is that, that wasn’t any good

I lost my mind that day, fully lost it
had no control over what I was doing
it was like a fight between angels and demons
and I felt ghosts everywhere in my house
they broke me piece by piece, till I went on a rage
they slammed the paintings I made of the wall – and
made me do totally random messed up shit

after all the things that I had done I got arrested
a man sought me out and declared stuff
so the mayor was called and let me be sent
to a madhouse in a nearby city
there I got threated, back to be sane
and that’s all I want to share for now

so other’s will know what it is
to be in a state of psychosis

© Maularia Fist

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